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    Tire Repair in Aurora, IL

    Have a flat tire? We can help get you back on the road, and most importantly, back on the road safe. At PQW Wheels & Tires, we follow strict repair guidelines to make sure your tire is repaired correctly. Attempting to repair a tire damaged beyond these thresholds can result in tire failure.

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    Increase Longevity!

    As the first point of contact with the road, your vehicle’s tires play a crucial role in maintaining control and performance. In the event one of these tires get damaged, it can be tempting to replace the tire outright. But did you know that there could be a way to salvage and return the damaged tire to its original condition? That’s where PQW Wheels & Tires can help.

    Can It Be Repaired?

    Tire repairs are an excellent service due to their affordability and relative service speed. Unfortunately, not all tires can be repaired, and a tire must have specific characteristics to be qualified. This is because auto shops want to prevent a compromised tire from being released back into the public, which could not only harm performance but place drivers in danger.

    Check The Pressure

    When you see that your tire has sustained damage, first see how much pressure is lost. Is the tire slowly losing air? Or has it gone entirely flat? If it’s the former, the tire may still be qualified for a repair! If it’s the latter, the tire must be replaced, as the damage it will sustain when driving on a flat will be too high for a shop to repair. At this point, it’s safer and highly recommended to get a new tire.

    Inspect The Damage

    After checking the tire pressure, next look at where the damage is located and the size of the damage. For a tire to be repaired, the damage must be located within the tread of the tire, and it must not be bigger than ¼” in diameter. The tread is the most durable part of the tire and can sustain damage & repairs, but it can’t take too much damage. Any long, jagged cuts or massive holes will disqualify a tire from repair, and it will need to be replaced.

    Bent Tire Repair in Aurora, IL

    Have a cracked or bent wheel? Do your wheels have curb rash, wheel scratches, dings or dents? PQW Wheels & Tires is highly specialized in wheel repair in Aurora, IL and throughout all of Illinois. We provide complete wheel and rim repair for curb rash, bends, corrosion and small cracks. We also offer select custom coloring services and OEM replacements for wheels that are too damaged to be repaired safely. We strive to provide high-quality service and offer a free lifetime warranty on workmanship. Damaged alloy wheels can negatively affect a vehicle’s performance in addition to its appearance. We offer high-quality, safe, off-the-car wheel repair.  Trust the safety and reliability of PQW Wheels and Tires. Learn more about our wheel services and how we can make your scratched, gouged, bent wheels LOOK LIKE NEW!

    Wheel balancing in Aurora, IL

    Why is tire balancing necessary:
    No tires are perfectly round or smooth. All tires have heavy spots that cause an imbalance in the wheel assembly. When you drive, these heavy spots are pulled outward by the centrifugal force of the tire’s rotation, making your vehicle vibrate or shimmy. This vibration is one of the more common signs that your tires are out of balance. You will usually notice the effects at about 40 mph, and the vibration can become more pronounced as your speed increases. If you feel this vibration most strongly though the steering wheel, that indicates that one or more front tire is out of balance. If it’s through the driver’s seat, that means your rear tires are out of balance.
    In addition to being annoying, tire vibration may cause:
    • safety issues by increasing driver stress and fatigue
    • unnecessary wear on your shocks, struts and other suspension components
    • uneven tire wear, which shortens the useful life of your tires
    • increased fuel consumption, because your engine must work harder to overcome this additional force